Airports and history

Since moving to Arabia, Nathan and I have had the amazing blessing of traveling to many different places around the globe. We’ve enjoyed the newest cities and the oldest cities in the world. We’ve seen castles, luxury hotels, mud houses, cardboard houses and everything in between.  And it’s impossible for me not to think of the history each place brings along and the people who have walked the same streets we visit and stroll around during each of our trips. 

Something I always notice is the energy each place has. In some places, I wish the walls could talk and tell all of the history that has transpired under their watch. In other places, the walls not only talk but scream what they have witnessed! 

One place, however, that always amazes me is the airport. Any airport. All airports.  In most instances, airports are sterile venues – hard workers are always walking around, almost unnoticed, making sure that the airport is clean. Security is always on the look-out to make sure nothing worth of making the history books or the night news happens during their watch.  After your plane takes off, there’s no physical proof that you were even there. So, it’s hard to think of history when visiting an airport, but as I sit and observe the people coming and going, I think of airports as history in the making.  Think about all of the people who have passed by or sat on the same uncomfortable seat I occupy for a few minutes or hours.  Sometimes I wonder if anybody has written a dissertation just on people and traveling, and how much one can learn about others by observing them as they pass by.

To keep myself entertained and awake, I like to try to figure out where people are from by the way the dress, carry themselves, or the places to where they are heading.  I attempt to figure out the relationship of those traveling together, and whether they’re happy, sad, excited, afraid or hopeful.  It’s also entertaining to see the different levels of travel experience and ease people have – a bit frustrating if the people with the least experience happen to be in front of me while going through security, but as everything with travel, taking it easy and with a smile on your face is the best policy! 

Even though, I can’t say airports are my favorite place, they are definitely toward the top of my list when it comes to people watching. You never know who you’re going to meet, or run into, or see, or what you’re going to witness while being there. 


Your thoughts are welcome :)

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