By popular demand!

Parties are fun – going to a party, planning a party, talking about a party… Parties are just happy occasions, and I love to celebrate! I blame my aunt for my obsession with parties. Growing up, she outdid herself throwing us birthday parties – some of my favorite memories from growing up, for sure! 

Since most of my friends got married after me and have had children by now, I can’t recall how many bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and graduation parties I’ve attended and/or have hosted. And this started way before Pinterest! While living at KAUST, I didn’t throw any real parties – I didn’t have access to many stores and all my serving dishes and cool entertaining kitchen toys were stored in Tampa – so, I had been eager to celebrate something in our new home.  A lovely young woman at church graduated from High School today, and Nathan and I decided we would love to throw her a graduation reception at our home.  

Everyone was extremely complimentary of the decorations and the food, and since so many asked me for the recipes, I thought I’d share them here with all of you 🙂 Didn’t get enough pictures of all the decorations around the house, but, I did find that balloon sticks, with fresh flowers in recycled glass jars make for easy and beautiful table arrangements!



ImageYou could make your own hummus, but, I was running out of time, so, I just bought the store-made type. It was still really good, I thought! 


Again, short on time, so, I bought a box of toasted bagel bites to replace the baguette! 

ImageI prefer the dark chocolate syrup! You could just swirl the syrup instead of mixing it, but, I like to mix it well. 

ImageYou could also add fresh chopped basil to the sauce. My marinara sauce had basil already in it, so, a few more minutes saved!


Getting hungry already!!! Yum!


Your thoughts are welcome :)

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