… And a Happy New Year!

As the clock ticks by, another year has come and gone, and sitting here by a pool, enjoying a quiet morning, I can’t help but reflect on the past 365 days that seemed to have flown by. New Year’s resolutions are hard to make without stopping to contemplate what I accomplished this past year.

2014 was an interesting year. As 2013 ended, I looked forward to figuring out what I wanted to do now that we were settled in a new city and almost used to being back in the States, after leaving our expat lives behind. I remember writing a very loose list of things I wanted to do and possibilities I wanted to explore. That’s how my year came to be divided in 3 parts.

January to April

What a way to star the year! Surrounded by family, making memories and helping our new house feel more like a home. Friends traveling from far, far away places, bringing laughs and hugs and love to taper the empty feeling left in our hearts after saying goodbye a few months before. Michín coming back to our home, to annoy Nathan and to keep me company during those long Winter days when very little could take my mind away from the lack of sun and low temperatures. New skills. Learning how to sew, landscape, and ballroom dance. Home decorating, project making, and countless trips to Lowe’s and Joann’s Fabrics. Making new friends, getting healthier, being an active member at our church. Busy months, filled with all things new!

May – June – July

Visitors, visitors, and more visitors, and we loved every minute of it! I believe that there were only two weeks (when adding the days together) when Nathan and I were alone at home! After four summers traveling around the world, staying put in one place was a welcome change. Instead of empty spaces, we now had beds, and tables, and chairs, and comfy rooms for our friends and family to come and visit. And they did. From Florida, from Ohio, from Michigan and South Carolina, from Colombia, and from Saudi Arabia, loved ones flew and drove to spend time with us. We were engulfed by love and friendship and happy memories. Hiking excursions to the Smoky Mountains, walks around downtown, shopping sprees, movie marathons, firefly catching adventures, belly-aching laughter sessions, eye-cleansing movie watching, and of course, yummy foods filled those three months, and there isn’t a minute of summer I would have changed.

August to December

Back to work. After much debate, I decided I needed to be back in the classroom, and God blessed me with a position 5 minutes away from home. It’s been a hard semester, with a steep learning curve, but in spite of all the ups and downs a new job brings along, I’ve enjoyed working with a (mostly) lovely group of children and being part of a dedicated team of educators. Teaching truly is my passion, and even though I hope next semester I’ll able to make more time to continue with projects, and exercise plans, and travel, nothing really provides me the same fulfillment as teaching and making a special connection with children. I love what I do.

In August, we lost Grammy, and she was dearly missed during this holiday season. A reminder that life is ephemeral, and that what matters is what you do today because tomorrow is uncertain. But, as life goes, when someone leaves us, someone else comes along, and I am eagerly waiting for Spring to meet the newest additions to the crazy loving group I call my family! Two little boys will be joining this world, and I’m looking forward to holding those bundles of joy – my nephews – in my arms!

2014 was a good year. As we welcome 2015, I thank God for all His blessings and wish you all to be as blessed as I was this past year.


Your thoughts are welcome :)

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