My significant other!

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Week 2 –

Nathan and I met 17 years ago this February – a lifetime (or about 1/2) of a lifetime ago! It’s hard to look back and not run into a memory where Nathan isn’t in.  When counting my blessings, Nathan is definitely toward the top of the list 😉

Even though, we’re very different in many ways, we compliment each other in a way that works. The main reason why it works is because our priorities are aligned – we both have God at the top of our lists, and I truly believe that’s the most important thing for our relationship. We’re not perfect, we have our faults, and we both have made mistakes, but, giving up on each other is not an option.

When thinking about being grateful, the big things always jump to the top of the list because those are the things people expect you to be grateful for, but, the day-to-day little things that go unnoticed but end up making or breaking a relationship, those are the things for which I want to make sure I express my gratitude.

Nate, I am eternally grateful for:

  • your naiveté – innocence about certain things in the world – it balances us out!
  • the nights when you get in bed first and warm up my side of the bed before I get in
  • getting up earlier than me to make me coffee before taking me to work
  • putting up with my crazy OCD tendencies
  • listening to my stories from work and pretend you understand 🙂
  • supporting my hobbies, new interests, and crazy ideas
  • reaching across the bed with your warm feet to warm up my cold feet
  • how excited  you get about new things, like your bike, or a game, or a new place you like
  • how careful you are when you drive
  • how tightly you hold my hand when watching a suspenseful movie
  • getting your ‘cooking-mojo’ back
  • loving my family the way you do
  • putting up with Michín
  • complimenting me even on the days when the mirror does not lie
  • encouraging me to slow down, to take a break, to take care of myself
  • knowing that you’ll be by my side, regardless of what’s going on in our lives

Love you!



Goals and Challenges

2015 is the first year in a very long time that I begin without a resolution list in my hands.  It’s not exactly because I 100% believe Calvin…

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…but it’s more because of what I read here last year – A Year of Productivity – So, I made a list of goals.  There are areas of my life I want to improve, and since in a way, we’re still getting settled here in this city, I wanted to make sure I was purposefully taking a more active role in the community I now live in.  Also, the weather this time of the year is truly hard on me.  I can’t recall being a moody person, at least not since I left my teenage years! But, when the sun doesn’t come out or I have to wear 3+layers to barely stay warm, my mood is not the best. My only desire is to stay under the covers all day, and my motivation and energy are all pretty much gone! So, publishing some of my goals adds a degree of accountability I need, at least until Spring arrives, to encourage me to do what I say I will do, and also to be motivated to do it.  If you’re reading this, then, you’re part of my accountability group 🙂

Among my goals is the desire to write more and to continue exploring my creative side with crafts and projects around the house, in spite of my time-consuming job. However, with the weather situation, I feel like I’m complaining a lot and not enjoying the incredible amount of blessings I do have in my life. Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I ran into this –

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– and it was perfect! It’s a challenge that appeals to me, it’s not incredibly difficult, it’s attainable since I’ll have a whole week to think about what I will blog, and it’ll help me stay focused on the positive aspects of my life. I love the fact I don’t have to write about the weather until week 18, and that I’ll have a year to come up with a blog about the things I like about Winter (insert sardonic grin). But, in all seriousness, I do need this. I believe I’m a grateful person, but when I’ve been blessed as much as I have, gratitude is not something I ever want to overlook.   Thus, this post. Week #1, check!

First sewing project ever!

First sewing project ever!

Or at least since I was 5!!!
It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, and probably the easiest thing I could do, but, I’m still super proud of the fact, I did the whole thing 🙂 My ugly laundry cart is now more stylish with just a little bit of work. Not willing to pay tens of dollars for a nicer looking cart when all I needed was to put a bit of elbow grease into the one I already had to make it look better!
Jo-Ann had nice flannels on sale for just $2.50/yard, and all I had to do was measure around the cart, measure the length up to the wheels to avoid tripping ;), and hem the edges! I wanted to make it easy to take down to wash, so, I used Velcro to attach it to the cart, and voilà!