First sewing project ever!

Or at least since I was 5!!! It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, and probably the easiest thing I could do, but, I’m still super proud of the fact, I did the whole thing 🙂 My ugly laundry cart is now more stylish with just a little bit of work. Not willing to pay tens of dollars for a nicer looking cart when all I needed was to put a bit of elbow grease into the one I already had to make it look better! Jo-Ann had nice flannels on sale for just $2.50/yard, and all I had to do … Continue reading First sewing project ever!

Feliz Día de la Mujer – International Women’s Day

He estado desempacando y organizando cajas, y en el proceso, he encontrado muchísimos recuerdos y tesoros. Entre esos, encontré esta tarjeta. Cuando estabamos en el grado 10, nuestra clase tenía 15 hombres y 5 mujeres. Para celebrar este día, nuestros compañeros escribieron un poema, nos dieron flores, y nos trataron como princesas todo el día – que buenos recuerdos!!! I have been unpacking and organizing boxes, and in the process, I’ve unearthed a myriad of memories and treasures. When I was in the 10th grade, our class had 15 men and 5 women. To celebrate this day, our male classmates … Continue reading Feliz Día de la Mujer – International Women’s Day


Maybe I’m nostalgic because reading letters from 17 years ago, well, brings back many memories, but, I miss getting letters in the mail. I remember the anticipation of walking to the mailbox and hoping to receive news from my family and friends. None of us had email, and my parents didn’t even have a phone when I first moved away from home. So, the main means of communication was sitting down and writing a letter, putting it in an envelope, licking it, taking it to the post office to get the seal or a stamp, and then hoping/waiting for the … Continue reading Words