Blissful moments that brighten up gloomy days

Blissful moments that brighten up gloomy days

“It’s the little things that matter” – true! My blissful moment today during a rainy day: receiving the shirts I ordered online and finding out they all fitted perfectly 🙂
What’s your blissful moment?


First sewing project ever!

First sewing project ever!

Or at least since I was 5!!!
It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing, and probably the easiest thing I could do, but, I’m still super proud of the fact, I did the whole thing 🙂 My ugly laundry cart is now more stylish with just a little bit of work. Not willing to pay tens of dollars for a nicer looking cart when all I needed was to put a bit of elbow grease into the one I already had to make it look better!
Jo-Ann had nice flannels on sale for just $2.50/yard, and all I had to do was measure around the cart, measure the length up to the wheels to avoid tripping ;), and hem the edges! I wanted to make it easy to take down to wash, so, I used Velcro to attach it to the cart, and voilĂ !

Feliz DĂ­a de la Mujer – International Women’s Day


He estado desempacando y organizando cajas, y en el proceso, he encontrado muchĂ­simos recuerdos y tesoros. Entre esos, encontrĂ© esta tarjeta. Cuando estabamos en el grado 10, nuestra clase tenĂ­a 15 hombres y 5 mujeres. Para celebrar este dĂ­a, nuestros compañeros escribieron un poema, nos dieron flores, y nos trataron como princesas todo el dĂ­a – que buenos recuerdos!!!

I have been unpacking and organizing boxes, and in the process, I’ve unearthed a myriad of memories and treasures. When I was in the 10th grade, our class had 15 men and 5 women. To celebrate this day, our male classmates wrote us each a poem, gave us flowers, and treated us like princesses the whole day! Such great memories!




Maybe I’m nostalgic because reading letters from 17 years ago, well, brings back many memories, but, I miss getting letters in the mail. I remember the anticipation of walking to the mailbox and hoping to receive news from my family and friends. None of us had email, and my parents didn’t even have a phone when I first moved away from home. So, the main means of communication was sitting down and writing a letter, putting it in an envelope, licking it, taking it to the post office to get the seal or a stamp, and then hoping/waiting for the mail to arrive to its intended recipient. The wait usually took a couple of weeks, but the happiness the letters brought would last much longer!
Don’t take me wrong – I love how technology has revolutionized communications! Pretty much every morning I simultaneously chat with my mom – same time zone but different continent – and with friends who live 8 time zones away! And if I’m missing any of them more than usual, I log on to Skype and we can enjoy our smiles via video chat.

But today, when I sat down to unpack one more box, I time traveled to a different era – an era where a love letter was actually a letter, something tangible you could put under your pillow to feel close to the one you were missing. An era where letters from siblings included drawings and sketches and not smileys and emoticons. An era where the words not only transmitted thoughts but also smells transferred from the hands that wrote it.

Friend, don’t be surprised then, if you walk to your mailbox and find a letter from me – I’m just a bit nostalgic.